Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB)
Car Parking

(Orlando, Florida - FL, USA)

Orlando Sanford International Airport has short-term, long-term, economy and disabled parking at four car parks on the airport grounds.

A self-pay parking system is in place at the Short-Term and Economy parking lots, whereby Sanford patrons can pay by cash or credit card at the Main Pay Station in the Domestic Baggage Claim area (Terminal B). Drivers also have the option of paying by credit card at the exit.


The Short-Term car park is located directly in front of the Domestic Terminal and a charge is levied every 30 minutes up to a daily maximum.


The Value car park lies adjacent to Terminal A (International Terminal) and is mainly in use in the busy summer months. Patrons are charged by the hour at the Value lot up to a daily maximum. This car park is also within easy walking distance of the airport's entrance.

Long-Term Remote Economy

Long-term parking consists of two parking lots that are remotely located and known as the Economy and Overflow lots. The Economy lot is charged by the hour, but it has the cheapest daily rate of all the car parks and offers the convenience of being fed by courtesy shuttle buses. The Overflow lot is similarly priced to the Economy lot, but it is only open when the other lots are full.


Disabled drivers are allocated convenient car parking spaces at Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB), which are located near to the car parks entry and exit points. If you require help in getting from one of the airport's car parks to the terminal and gate, call your airline ahead of time to request porter assistance.

Orlando Airport SFB

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